2-Minute Steps To Know Fake Dubai Visa In Nigeria

It takes 2 minutes or less to know a fake Dubai visa in Nigeria when you use the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai web platform.

I understand the joy and excitement you feel when you receive your visa, you think of nothing else and you start to arrange your stuff for your trip.


You realize when you arrived in UAE that the employment visa you received was only a tourist visa, and the visit visa that was supposed to be for 90 days is only 30 days.

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This is the common issue most people go through every day.

In this blog post, the point is to show you how you can check your UAE tourist visas or employment visa immediately you receive it.

Let me walk you through.


2-Minute Steps To Know Fake Dubai Visa In Nigeria

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai is the agency of the Dubai Government that regulates the residency of foreign nationals and the entry and exit of international travelers to and from the Emirate of Dubai.

Follow these steps…

Once you know for sure that the visa was issued in Dubai, follow the steps below to check the visa:

Visit the website for Dubai’s General directorate of residency and foreigners’ affairs. Visit amer.gdrfa.gov.ae.

Click “ENTRY PERMIT VALIDITY” under “service to ask about.”

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On the next line, you must type in the number on your entry permit. To do this, look on your visa for the words “ENTRY PERMIT NUMBER.”

You have to write it backwards, which is how Arabic is written. In the sample visa shown above, the number is 87088595 / 2019 / 204. To enter this number, I will first choose 204 from the dropdown menu, then 2019 (which is the year the visa was issued), and finally I will write the number 87088595 in the box.


“First name in English” comes next. Here, you should write your name exactly as it is written on the visa. Don’t put your last name.

Select your gender

Type in your birth date. To choose your date of birth, it’s better to use the calendar icon.

Choose your country of origin

Type the security code into the box that’s next to it. You need to be careful here so you don’t have to start over if you enter the wrong code. If the code that’s being shown isn’t clear enough, all you have to do is click the small refresh icon next to it. The code will then be updated. You can keep reloading the code until something visible appears.

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Now, click “Submit.”

After you submit, if the visa is valid, the status, the length of time it is valid, and the date it expires will be shown. If you don’t, you’ll get a message saying that the visa is not valid.


Before purchasing plane tickets or making any other arrangements, you should verify that the visa you have been awarded is legitimate. Make sure you do this before any trip; it won’t cost you a dime.