9 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Be Successful

Asking the right question of yourself and giving a sincere and honest answer will set you up for success as an entrepreneur.

“Knowing oneself is the starting point for all wisdom.” According to Aristotle

As an entrepreneur, you will have many moments when you question your own sanity. Starting a business is the easy part. Making it work is the most difficult part.

So, you need to believe in yourself and take action to make your goals come true because there will be moments when you doubt your faith and wonder if it was all worth it.

You started out intending to succeed, but now you’re not so sure.

Understanding oneself is the first step in finding a solution to this issue.

When you know exactly what you want and how to get it, you have incredible power.

The phrase “be faithful to thine own self” refers to this principle.

But how do you arrive at who you are?


You ask yourself some pointed questions and look within to discover the answers that will give you access to the feelings that matter to you the most. Please give your truthful answers to the following questions: No justification is required. All the action here is based on feelings.

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Do You Enjoy Your Current Situation?

This inquiry will reveal the reason behind your life changes. It will remind you of why you began your company or hustle in the first place. Most successful entrepreneurs are not satisfied with their existing situation.

They desired more; they desired better, and they were unwilling to accept less.

If you’re not happy with your life right now, consider why. Then assess whether your activities are helping you change your life.

Remember, if an oyster does not itch, it does not generate a pearl.

Would You Regret Not Living Your Dreams?

If the response is yes, then the effort has been worthwhile.

To gain the prize, you must first pay the price.

What Are Your Main Concerns?

Financial setback? Failure? humiliation if you don’t succeed? What are your concerns?
Make a list of them, and then ask yourself, “So what?” and “What could possibly go wrong?”

All of these worst-case situations may never come to pass. Will you let them hold you back from greatness?

Certainly not!

What Does Success Mean to You?

Do you desire a business that generates six, seven, or more figures? What will you require in your life in

9 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Be Successful

order to be successful?

There is no right or wrong answer. There’s nothing conceited or resentful about wanting a mansion with a sweeping driveway. As long as you do everything by the book, you deserve to win.

Emotions and shame might sway you if you don’t have a firm grasp on what constitutes success.

Billions of people have low self-esteem and think they don’t deserve to be happy. They need to determine what it is they want and if they are worthy of it before they can achieve it. Obviously, they do.

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What Do You Like to Do?

In general, the most successful people focus on improving what they are already naturally good at.

They try to be the greatest in their field. They usually like what they do. Their determination to succeed stems from their enthusiasm.

You must know what you enjoy doing. Don’t go after the money. Instead, consider what you like doing and what you excel at. Then devise a method for charging others for your services.

What Skills/Talent Do You Have?

This relates to the previous point. What skills do you have that you can monetize? As an illusionist, David Copperfield made a fortune.

Michael Jordan built a name for himself as a basketball player. J.K. Rowling gained a fortune from the Harry Potter books.

They each had their own special abilities and talents that they used to make a fortune. To be successful, you must first understand what you are excellent at.

What Are Your Top 3 Reasons For Being Thankful?

Make a list of everything you’re thankful for. When one can count their blessings, no one can feel impoverished or unsuccessful.

What Would You Feel If You Met Your Goals?

Make a note of it. Consider yourself to have already accomplished your objectives and ambitions. How would you react? What would your reaction be? What would be different in your life? You’ll have clarity once you see the potential.

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In your mind’s eye, you can picture the prize. You’ll be more ready to persevere and keep going even when every bone in your body wants to give up. With time, you will be successful, and whatever you wrote down will become a reality.

Do You Believe Your Life Has Meaning?

This is the most probing inquiry of all. What would you require in your life in order to feel fulfilled? Children? A contented family? What is generational wealth? Fame?

You must understand what you truly desire in life.

So many individuals go after dreams that aren’t truly theirs. They allow society to define success.

As a result, many people appear to have achieved great success in their lives, but deep within, they are empty and unhappy.

They may not exhibit it, but it exists. all because they toiled for goals that were meaningless to them. If you want to be truly successful in life, you must first understand what is most important to you.

Then choose goals that will give your life significance.

You’ll be able to sit back, kick up your feet, and smile when you succeed in these pursuits.

You’ll bask in the glory of victory and the satisfaction of knowing you achieved what you wanted and did it your way.

This is a genuine achievement.


Our lives become meaningful as we pursue the things that bring us fulfillment. Success is defined not only by money, but also by enjoying what you do. 

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