Best 5 Little-Known Ways to Fool Your Mind and Gear It Towards Success


Thoughts are worthless without action. Do you agree?

The irony is that if people would just get out of their own way, they would achieve far more success than they already enjoy.

While they may have aspirations of success, their thinking is not set up for achievement, therefore they end up doing things that are counterproductive.

When they make an effort to improve, they are hampered by the persistence of negative thoughts from their past. Their attitudes and motivation are sabotaged by the negative ideas they keep having.

This post will discuss five techniques to change your perspective and avoid derailing your progress.

Self-talking one’s way to success

Sadly, many individuals with less knowledge and talents than you have managed to amass enormous fortune.

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Many people think they need a degree, money, contacts, and a long list of other things to succeed.

You need to convince yourself that you deserve to succeed. If you put up your greatest effort, there is no way you won’t achieve success. Toss out any other justifications.

You have a choice to make.

Work is draining. Nothing can be done to change the fact.

Cal Newport, author of the book Deep Work, writes, “This is an economy that will reward individuals who are comfortable exercising intense focus on things that matter.”

Because it is tedious and exhausting, most people will dislike doing the labor.

There’s no getting around the reality that you’ll have to put in a lot of effort if you want to achieve your goals.

Working smart doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in the time and effort to achieve your objectives.

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Remind yourself, “My ambitions are worthwhile, therefore I get to work on them.”

In order to get over the mental block of feeling like you’re being forced to work, remind yourself that you’re actually making the decision to do so of your own will. Changing your perspective in this way is like night and day.

It takes only 5 minutes

Convincing yourself that you won’t be tortured is another effective strategy for beating procrastination. Your mind is trying to keep you safe while you procrastinate.

To it, the tasks at hand are unpleasant and draining. Intuitively, you know that putting off the task will save you from “pain,” but you also know that your mind will come up with highly plausible arguments to prevent you from doing so.

The simple act of telling yourself that you will perform the task for only five minutes will help you get beyond this obstacle.

The time frame is not too long, so the process will not be tedious. Your mental resistance will decrease.

The great thing is that once you go to work, you won’t encounter any more opposition. The hardest part of any endeavor is getting started, because that’s when mental resistance is at its most.

however once you’ve started and are engaged in the activity, you’re more likely to keep going.

Shoot for the moon.

Create unattainable goals and push yourself to the limit. Large ideas lead to big rewards.

If everything is in control, you’re not going fast enough, as legendary race car driver Mario Andretti famously stated.

If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.

A goal isn’t large enough if it doesn’t make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. Don’t get too worked up over figuring out how you’ll accomplish this.

For the time being, just aim high.

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After that, the overarching objectives can be broken down into more attainable sub-goals.

Once you’ve done that, it’s only a question of ticking off smaller objectives until you’ve accomplished your ultimate objective.

Of course, you may expect it to take some time and energy, but you will succeed in the end. The key thing is that you gave yourself the opportunity to create a challenging but achievable target.

Everything is a game

Successful people usually approach life as though it were a game. Even though they hate to fail, they don’t hold it against themselves. They know that winning today doesn’t guarantee anything for tomorrow.

The most important thing is to keep playing the game, since if you do, you will improve and finally triumph.

Playing the same video game over and over again can help you grow better at it and eventually conquer the “big boss,” as even adolescent guys know.

Similarly, when you don’t take setbacks personally or let yourself become emotionally invested in the outcome, you’ll be more willing to push your limits.

Both success and failure may teach you something about yourself. The procedure should be approached like a game in which the objective is to keep going and winning despite setbacks.

Achieving unfathomable success in the future is within your reach if you adopt this mentality and attitude.



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