CBN Encourages e-Naira at Lagos Trade Fair


The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has asked participants at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair, LITF, to become a part of history by downloading the e-Naira Speed Wallet, which has been downloaded by over one million Nigerians.

Mr. Osita Nwanisobi, Director, Corporate Communications Department, CBN, declared at the ‘CBN Special Day’ at the LITF: “The world is fast-moving toward a digitized economy, and Nigeria cannot be caught trailing.” As a result, the Central Bank of Nigeria introduced the eNaira, Africa’s first digital currency that ranks among the finest in the world.”

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“While the CBN will continue to develop, fine-tune, and update the platform with more functions in the near future,” he continued, “the eNaira has logged over 700,000 transactions worth about N8 billion in its first year” (October 2022). Thirty-three banks are completely integrated and operational on the platform. Aside from the aforementioned, over 1.0 million clients have been Onboarded, and over 3,305 businesses have successfully enrolled on the eNaira platform across the country. I implore you to make history by downloading your eNaira Speed Wallet and signing up now if you haven’t already.

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“The payment platform with the slogan’same Naira, more possibilities’ aims at enhancing financial inclusion: supporting Nigeria’s strong, stable, and resilient payment ecosystem; reducing the cost of processing cash; and enabling direct and transparent welfare intervention to citizens,” Nwanisobi said.

“Other benefits of the program include, but are not limited to, increased revenue and tax collection; enabling diaspora remittances and lowering transaction costs; and boosting payment efficiency.”



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