Dubai Visa from Nigeria 2023, Don’t Be Misled

One of the many questions people ask is, “How do I apply for a Dubai visa from Nigeria?” For someone who intends to visit, I share your concern. Too much information online can be confusing.

The process is simple and easy. This will only happen when you work with the right agent. There is nothing wrong with searching for a guide online, but I will advise you to handle the information with a pinch of salt.

There are some agents that make it even more complex as they claim to be “Dubai visa agents in Nigeria,” and what they offer you is half-baked services and charge you high prices on the least expensive tourist visa.

In this blog, I’ll sort through the information and give advice on how to get a visa for the UAE.

I will break it down for easy reading:

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior

It all started in August 2015, when the United Arab Emirates made it easy for anyone who intended to visit the country.

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior launched an online visa system that allows anyone anywhere in the world to process a tourist visa and get approval.

You can easily apply via the internet at any time and from any place, and the payment is done online at the time of the visa process.

Unfortunately, the online Dubai visa for Nigerian passport holders is not available.

Why UAE for Nigerians?

Dubai Visa from Nigeria 2020, Don’t Be Misled

Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world visit Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates.

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People are flying in with various visa types: for tourism, business, and jobs.

The career sector varies, and most that attract Nigerians and other African countries are health and safety, hotels, security , CCTV operator and technician , real estate, lifeguard, nursing , and teaching, to mention a few.

The UAE jobs are open to all nationalities, and to apply, you need to have the right information and someone to guide you.

In my subsequent posts on this blog, I will go over your options for visiting the UAE in great detail.

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How to Apply for a Visa to Dubai from Nigeria and visa types

Dubai Visa from Nigeria 2020, Don’t Be Misled

Online UAE visa services would have been the right choice, but they are not accessible to some countries, and Nigeria is on the list.
Another choice would be to go to the UAE embassy in Abuja, where you would be asked to submit lots of documents, and the process can be stressful.

You know the way the process works in Nigeria.

Working with a genuine travel agent to process your tourist visa is another option.

The challenge the travel agents face is that they pay the fines when you overstay.

Yes. They do.

You should think about it; most travel agents want you to give some cash as a security deposit in case you change your mind during your stay and do not return as intended.

To avoid overstaying, you can change your visa status.

The sponsor (agents) gets penalized when the applicants don’t return after their visas expire.

This is the main reason many travel agencies in the UAE do not want to sponsor Nigerians, especially on a 30-day UAE visit visa.

Some still take the risk; they want to give their clients the benefit of the doubt because they know everyone is not the same.

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Here’s the deal!

We can process your UAE visa and connect you with job opportunities.

This service is not applicable to Nigerians with dual citizenship; there are 44 countries that can visit the UAE without a visa for a specified period of thirty to one hundred and eighty days (30 to 180). 

Now On To The Visa Types

Note: The visa types below are tourist visas.

  • 30 Days Visa Single |Multiple Entries
  • 90 Days Single Entry | Multiple Entries
  • 5 Years Tourist Visa | Multiple Entries – Not applicable at the moment

Tips: On the above tourist visa lists, you can explore Dubai’s local markets and shop for resale or personal use.

Just make sure it falls within your luggage allowance.

What Are The Requirements For Dubai Visa In Nigeria?

Our requirements are straightforward.

The requirements from VFS Global is a complicated process is stressful, but when you choose to work with us, we process your UAE visa stress-free without facing trouble with documents.

The police report is only needed when you plan to visit the UAE in search of a job. And it is not required by all employers.

The documents required for a tourist visa

Passport: a color scanned copy of your passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
Photograph: a clear, front-facing photograph with a white background color.

How Much Is Dubai Visa Fee From Nigeria?

I know you want to see the prices; the truth is, they are not stable.

I can put up the most recent prices here, as other websites do; when you call, they give you a different price.

The UAE employment visa process

Once you have found work in Dubai and accepted a job, your employer is responsible for sending the initial documentation to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) to start the UAE employment visa process.

The law also says that your employer must back up your visa application with all of the necessary paperwork.

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In total, the first phases of the UAE employment visa process take two to three weeks. The MoHRE sends you a two-month work permit, which allows you to enter the country.

Wrong Dubai Agents In Nigeria

I remember on different occasions meeting some guys in Deira Park in Dubai; many lamented how they paid unreasonable fees for a tourist visa, and I felt pity for them.

Some people paid for work visas and got a tourist visa in return, while others charged huge amounts for visit visas.

They wished I had handled their travel arrangements because of the way and manner in which I sorted out their challenges.

This is the norm each time you listen to some Nigerians in Dubai.

Another had paid for full vacation packages only to be disappointed at the airport without provisions.

I could write a full post on these issues, but that is not the point.


To apply for a UAE visa in Nigeria, you need a reliable agent.

For someone visiting for the first time, you need more than just a visa; you need direction. You don’t need an agent who collects money and gives lame services.

I’m sure you don’t want to be in their shoes; you don’t want to beg for a service that has already been paid for.

Please don’t overstay your tourist visa in the UAE.

It is not the right way to go.

You can change your visa if you still want to stay in the country.

When you choose the right travel agent for your visit to the UAE, whether for vacation, business, or to learn what you need for a job in the UAE, it makes your life easier and allows you to truly explore and enjoy your visit on multiple occasions.

Did I miss anything you want me to cover?

Drop it in the comment section, and I will attend to it.