Dubai Visa In Nigeria: Don’t Over Stay – Here Is why?

The UAE is an exemplary multicultural country. While the United Arab Emirates welcomes tourists, business people, and professionals from around the world, there is a zero-tolerance approach to crime.

For example, immigration officials impose fines for an excessive stay in the United Arab Emirates in all cases to ensure that all people in the country have legal permission to be in the UAE.

Over the past 50 years, the emirate has undergone an unprecedented change, and large sums have been invested in infrastructure and development.

You must follow a certain set of rules after moving to the United Arab Emirates as there is a strict implementation of laws and regulations.

These rules benefit the public and guarantee a high level of security. Fines for residence in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates have also been set to facilitate this.

Many people come to the UAE on tourist visas, and some do not return to their countries of origin. Some have a residence/work visa but remain valid for various reasons despite the cancellation.

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The United Arab Emirates welcomes foreigners from around the world for tourism and business. When you apply for a Dubai visa in Nigeria, it is the same fate as other countries talking on overstay. The only condition is to stay within the limits of the country’s legislation.

People who stay longer than their visa period must pay fines for an excessive stay in the UAE.

What Happens If I Stay Longer Than My UAE Visa?

This is a question frequently asked by different foreign residents. Well, staying in another country is a criminal offense.

Different countries treat these cases differently. Fines for overstay in the United Arab Emirates are subject to severe penalties.

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Those who stay longer can face and should be aware of several issues.

Here are some of the rules and regulations for residence in the UAE:

Overstay Fines In The UAE With A Tourist Or Visitor Visa

Tourists or visas are generally short-lived.

Tourist visas for the UAE can be issued for 30 days or 90 days, for categories with one or more entries.

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People often visit the country in the hope of getting a job or attending a business meeting.

Sometimes recruitment takes longer than expected, or the meeting is delayed, and they cannot meet your visa requirements while staying in the UAE.

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The UAE government offers a 10-day grace period to tourists and visa holders. This means that there are 10 days from the end date of your visa. However, a fine applies from day 11.

The fine for an additional day is 200 AED. As of the second day, the government will charge AED 100 per day as a fine for overstay in the UAE.

Also, an additional 100 AEDs will be charged as a service fee when you leave the country.

Overstay Fines In The UAE For Residents

For those with resident status, i.e., holders of valid long-term visas, the grace period is thirty days.

Until the 30th day of the expiration of your visa, you do not make any additional payments to the immigration officer when you leave the country.

Fines do not apply during the grace period.

However, if you leave the country on the 31st, you must pay a fine of 125 AED. An additional 25 AED would be added for a maximum period of six months for each following day.

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After six months, the fine is 50 AED per day.

The next jump brings it to 100 AED per day and is activated when it has been over a year.

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Dubai Visa In Nigeria: Consequences Of Overstaying

If a person who significantly exceeds the grace period, that is, for 30 days or more, they may have additional fines for dealing with their name added to a blacklist for immigration.

This may prevent them from returning to the United Arab Emirates at a later date.

If it then takes longer than the grace period, you may suffer the following consequences:

Your name will be blacklisted
May be subject to an immigration ban
You can go to jail for up to 3 months
You can issue an expulsion order


Whether you are in the UAE on a short-term tourist visa or a long-term residence permit, it is important to remember the end date of your visa.

It is essential to request an extension or change well in advance of the deadline. If you don’t, you have to pay fines.