Finland Work Visa Step by Step Guide 2023


Finland Work Visa Step by Step Guide 2023 – If you ever want to visit Finland or work there, this page may be useful because we have compiled some application procedure and other related information on the Finland work visa.

Those applicants who are given the opportunity to visit the nation must get the appropriate visa. Otherwise, your admission is not permitted and is unlawful.

Moreover, with 75% of its territory covered in forest, Finland is regarded most happiest country in Europe. There may be excellent professional chances there. Hence, if you receive a work offer from a Finnish business, go to the nearest embassy and apply for a visa.

Don’t worry if you’re inexperienced with the application process; you’ll discover every detail in this page. Please keep reading to obtain a better understanding.

CountryEligible CountriesCategory
FinlandInternationalWork Visa
Finland Work Visa Step by Step Guide 2023

Finland Work Visa: Do you need visa?

There are several countries that allow individuals to work without obtaining a work visa. These countries typically have specific agreements or policies in place that exempt certain individuals or groups from the typical work visa requirements.

Some of the countries that don’t require a work visa for certain individuals include:

Qatar multiple entry visa
Country/RegionWork Visa Required
The Schengen Area and the EEA/EUNo
The Nordic countriesNo
United StatesNo
New ZealandNo
San MarinoNo
Republic of AndorraNo

Finland’s Visa Facilitation Agreement streamlines the application and approval procedure for citizens of involved countries. People from every other country, however, need a work visa to enter Finland.

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Workers from visa-waiver countries are limited to a 90-day work period in Finland. When this time has passed, they will be required to register with the government in order to continue working in the nation.

Eligibility Criteria

Work Visa CategoryCriteria
Work ContractHold a work contract in Finland.
University DegreeHold a university degree for any work visa except a seasonal visa.
Professional Be a professional in your field.
Clean Criminal BackgroundHave a clean criminal background.
No Danger to NationalsNot be a danger to the nationals of Finland.
Accept Finnish LawsAccept all Finnish laws.
No Schengen Travel BansNot have any travel bans to Schengen areas.
SpecialistQualify as a highly skilled worker.
Welfare and Healthcare Have authorization to practice your profession.
Entrepreneur Be self-employed in a private entrepreneur, general partner in a limited partnership, entrepreneur in a limited liability company or partner in a general partnership.
Start-up Have a start-up plan and financial support.
EU Blue Card VisaHave a salary higher than average and high competence in the respected field.
Researcher Hold a valid certificate proving your researcher status.
Scientific Research Have an invitation to work on a scientific project.
Religious Work Your employer must be a registered association.
Au Pair Work Be between 17 and 30 years old.

Finland work visa validity

A Finland work visa normally has a one-year validity period. But, depending on the sort of work visa you have filed for, the period may differ.

Work permits are provided in two varieties:

  • B Permit: This permission is only active for one year.
  • A permit: Is valid for the term of the work contract.
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Finland Work Permit:

Extension and Permanent Residence

If you are wondering whether you can extend your Finland work permit, the answer is yes. Both A and B permit holders can apply for an extension. B permit holders can do this annually, while A permit holders can apply for an extension every four years.

Make sure to apply for an extension at least three months before the expiry date.

After spending five years on a continuous permit, applicants can apply for a permanent residence permit, which allows them to live in Finland indefinitely.

Cost of Finland Work Visa

The cost of a Finland work visa depends on the type of application. Applying online costs €490, while applying with a paper application costs a total of €690.

Family Members on Finland Work Visa

If you have a valid work visa, you can bring your family members to Finland and apply for a residence permit based on family ties.

Finland Work Visa, follow these steps

If you are interested in applying for a Finland Work Visa, follow these steps:

  1. SEARCH FOR A JOB – Firstly, you must find a job offer to work in Finland. You will need to present your work contract when applying for a visa.
  2. APPLY FOR A PERMIT – After getting a job offer, you can apply for a work permit online through the e-service portal.
  3. VISIT A LOCAL FINNISH MISSION – The local Finnish mission is an office where you can submit your documents and application for any work visa. You will need to give your biometrics.
    Applicants must also pay all application and visa charges. If your documents are not in Finnish, English or Swedish, they must be translated.
  4. WAIT FOR RESPONSE – Your application will be processed by the Employment and Economic Development Office to make a partial decision. The Finnish Immigration Service will then finalize your application process and make a decision. You must wait for the decision before traveling to Finland. If you are already in Finland, you can still wait for a decision even after the expiry date. You will be notified via email or post, depending on your application process.
  5. GO TO FINLAND – After completing all the necessary steps, you will be handed a resident card, and now you are ready to go to Finland and start your work.

Visit Finland’s Official Website


Getting a work visa in Finland may appear to be a difficult procedure, but it is worthwhile for individuals looking for employment prospects in the country. Applicants can improve their chances of receiving a work permit by completing the application stages and meeting the conditions. We encourage anyone who are interested to thoroughly read the information and take the required measures to achieve their objectives.



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