How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2023 Quick List

Exploring business ideas for student in Nigeria is a starting point, to make income while in school supporting yourself. Student mostly depends of family for financial support which raises necessary questions like, what business can I do?

Starting young is the best time to build, fail, try again, and succeed, particularly if you are in school. It prepares students for life after university.

You want to be more deeper…

Which businesses are beneficial?
What is your area of interest?
How quickly you can you generate income?

However, you should know that running a business is not a job where you may do something you dislike. Most times some business you do in school becomes the real deal.

I understand that circumstances may make you to start a business that is easily accessible so that you can save up to start the business of your dreams, life may interfere, but that does not preclude you from starting small or pursuing a business that you want.

I will list some overlooked businesses and divide it into offline and online.

Design of clothing

In Nigeria, this is a popular type of business that a student can start. Male and female students alike never tire of having custom-made clothing, which means you’ll get a lot of repeat customers and referrals throughout the semester. This can turn a lucrative business for you.

Makeup and Gele

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2023 Quick List

For makeup and Gele business you need to place yourself strategically where your market is, stay in an all-girls dorm, or you could open a makeup studio outside the school (in a student area). Weekend makeup artists are in high demand, making your job more flexible.

You could also expand your makeup business by providing custom makeup services for theatrical productions and themed parties. It’s a fantastic business opportunity, particularly for Nigerian women.

Laundry services

Students are prone to procrastination, sometimes lazy to wash their clothes, particularly their sheets and bedding. So, you can start a small laundry service which can easily generate you some daily income.

You will actually get more sales from the ladies.

Bead Work

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2023 Quick List

Many people assumed that the bead making business in Nigeria died a few years ago, but this was not the case. Beads remain evergreen in fashion business, there are in different quality, and some are expensive, one of the reasons why most can not do without beads including the students.

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If you do it right, it will be profitable business for as a student.

shoe making Business (leather palm, sandals & shoes)

Shoe making business in Nigeria is lucrative and an evergreen business. Not just students, it is a lifestyle.

If you know know how to make shoes yourself, you are in a good start. You can find out the trends then making shoes that go with the flow. School campus is a great marketplace for such business.

Don’t be discourage, you can simply make it your arbitrage footwear business in school. You don’t even need to know how to make it.

Printing services

In most schools in Nigeria, students and teachers still use printers to produce printed copies of class materials. You can see the business opportunities, get a space in the school campus or a student neighborhood.

Fix phone and laptop

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2023 Quick List

Phones and laptops are two essential items that every student owns, and they are bound to fail from time to time. Learn the basis for repairing these devices to convince other students that you can, so you can get them to bring their devices to you.

Then you can take it to the technician for a quick repair and make your money. If you can repair it yourself, even better. You could also sell phones and accessories, both new and gently used.


If you’re looking for a good place to launch a hairstyling business, go no further than the campus. You may start a successful company while still in school providing hairstyling services such as weaving, braiding, hair revamping, wigging, and natural hair styling. What a fantastic idea, since now you can provide your clients with professional hair care services without having to open a salon on campus.

Event hosting and planning

Event hosts, event planners, and caterers are all positions that frequently hire students. This is one of the most lucrative enterprises students can create. You can even act as a contractor to help some event managers attract the right student workers.

Pastries and confectioners

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2023 Quick List

Everyone loves to have a taste of pastries that will make their stomach smile, and that includes university students. If you make good pastries, you will get lots of patronage and referrals. It’s a flexible business that any student can start.

Provide Electrical Services

This is not a very common side hustle for students. Students living outside the school campus will definitely need electrical items, but not all the time. However, if you have electrical knowledge, you can repair some electrical items and even sell small accessories.

Real estate

In Nigeria, real estate has always been a highly lucrative industry. Now, more and more real estate companies are sprouting up, all offering enticing deals, and they are actively seeking students to train in order to increase their earnings.

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One advantage of a career in real estate is that you can generate money without ever setting foot in an office.

Food delivery services

Due to the fact that students often become too involved with their courses and personal lives, meal delivery services are a very popular side hustle among Nigerian students. The idea behind starting any business is to identify a need that you can fill. 

Sell Artwork

Pencil-drawn portraits and other kinds of artwork are patronized by lots of people. You could start an exhibition with your artwork. This is when you turn your passion into a profitable business. The most important part would be your talent; some of the materials are less expensive to get started.

Agricultural business

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2023 Quick List

It is a largely unexplored market in Nigeria, particularly among young people. Many students dismiss it because they believe it is time-consuming and capital-intensive. Change your assumption by finding a niche that demands less stress and cash.

Purchase from a nearby market and package it to sell to other students on campus. Examples include crayfish, egusi, and others. It does not require a large investment to get started and generate money.


Since many Nigerian students have a passion for photography, it’s an excellent industry to enter while still in school. It’s simple work because all you have to do is assist clients in finding convenient times for their studio sessions.

Concierge shopper

A concierge or personal shopper is a person who assists you in shopping for clothes and other products while keeping your financial situation in mind. If you’re a student in Nigeria and you have the ability to scour the market for deals, you can establish a successful business.


If you’re a student in Nigeria in 2023, this is a great business idea for you to pursue. You might provide academic assistance to fellow students, incoming freshmen, and even upperclassmen if you’re very skilled. In the south of Nigeria, the tutoring industry is widespread.


As a student, you could also learn how to paint. However, it will be easier for you if you love designs because people (especially students) love eccentric designs on their walls.

Sell Wallpaper and 3D installation

This is more suited to the painting business, but as a student you may focus solely on selling wallpaper and wall panels to other students and families who may not want to wait for the lengthy completion time that painting would need. As a student, you may still make money doing this in Nigeria.

Food stall

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2023 Quick List

Due to their busy schedules, students often choose to dine away from home, making this a potentially lucrative business. It would be a good idea to open a small shop or stand in an off-campus location frequented by students, where you could serve tasty treats like barbeque and shawarma.

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The importance of food makes it a fantastic idea for a student to open a food stall in 2023.

Viewing centers

If you have access to space, cable, and a wide screen, then a football viewing center is a business you can start while in school. With good customer service and fees, a football viewing center is a good student business to run in Nigeria.

Customized branding

Custom-branded items are good gift ideas for almost anyone. You could do customized pillows, neck chains, mugs, and the like. The essence of customizing a gift is to create a thoughtful feeling for the person that receives it. If you can sell this feeling, customized branding is also a business you can start as a student.

Mini importation

It is when you import a small quantity of products from abroad at a cheaper price from eCommerce companies online to sell at a higher price for profit. To start a mini importation business, you will have to go through an online training to learn how to navigate the entire process. It requires small capital to start mini importation, and campus is your best market.

Content writing

If you want to start a business with no money, article writing may be an alternative for you. If you have a talent for writing, there are several career prospects for writers on the Internet. You might also use writing platforms such as Upwork,, Fiverr, and others. Though more writing AIs are being developed, this is still a business that a student may start.

Designing graphics

If you have creative skills, you may make a lot of money making flyers and posters for events and occasions. You might also work as a freelancer and sell your skills on platforms like Upwork. This implies you may be compensated in dollars, making it a lucrative enterprise.

Video editing and animation

Because videos are important for promoting any business, video editing has become a required talent. As a student, you may establish a business editing YouTube videos, creating live teaching videos for replays, and creating animated films for advertising. As a student, you may create a well-structured business by running advertising on Facebook and other sites.


Some people are good at hard skills like beading, fashion design, etc., while others are better at soft skills like blogging, UI/UX, etc.

They are all unique enterprises that you may start in Nigeria as a student.

They may also assist you in developing a lucrative business as an entrepreneur, even if you are a student. However, using what the internet has to offer is the ideal approach for any student who wants to make his or her business lucrative or successful. You must go digital with your enterprise.