In 10 years, 115 Buildings have Collapsed in Lagos


In the past ten years, Lagos State has had a stunning 115 instances of building collapse.

According to statistics from the Lagos State section of the Building Collapse Prevention Guild, this is the case.

According to records obtained by our reporter, each of the years 2020 and 2022 had the highest number of building collapse accidents in the previous decade, with 20 cases.

This was followed closely by 2019 and 2013 with 17 and 16 unique occurrences, respectively.

The years 2016 and 2018 saw the fewest building collapse events throughout this time period, with a combined total of three incidents.

While a handful of building collapse occurrences resulted in zero fatalities, others resulted in dozens of deaths, most notably the fall of a 21-story building on Gerard Road in Ikoyi on November 1, 2021.

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Fourscore Heights Limited’s 21-story tower fell, trapping over 50 people, including the company’s managing director, Femi Osibona; his buddy, a Nigerian businessman resident in the United States, Wale Bob-Oseni; his personal assistant, Onyinye Enekwe; and clients.

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According to reports, around 45 people perished as a result of the tragedy. Nine survivors were recovered from the debris, but the artists who were working in the building before to its collapse could not be located.

The collapse of the Lekki Gardens building, which happened on March 8, 2016, claimed at least 35 lives, placing it in close proximity to the Ikoyi building disaster in terms of recorded fatalities.

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Lekki Gardens Estate reported five fatalities as a result of the collapse, as opposed to the official count of thirty-four.

Between January and July 2022, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency documented 24 whole building collapses, six partial collapses, and one imminent collapse. In the past two years, 84 Lagosians were murdered in building collapse accidents.

The fall of the Yaba building on February 12, 2022, was one of the noteworthy building failures in the state this year.



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