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Apply for Ireland Visa Sponsorship Jobs for International Candidates 2023

Discovering the right job in Ireland can be a daunting task for many international candidates. However, this article will guide you through the process of finding the best visa sponsorship jobs available in Ireland for the year 2023.

To begin with, visa sponsorship jobs are available to all international candidates who are interested in working in Ireland. This article will provide a list of companies that offer visa sponsorship to their employees.

Ireland is one of the top countries in the world that offers visa sponsorship jobs to foreigners. This year, even non-European candidates have the chance to apply for any job that is relevant to their field. With a massive job market in Ireland, there are numerous career opportunities available.

These visa sponsorship jobs are available in various fields, such as technology, finance, healthcare, and engineering, and candidates can find employment based on their level of experience and expertise.

For more information on how to find the right visa sponsorship job in Ireland, continue reading this article to the end.

Details of Ireland Visa Sponsorship Jobs

IrelandFresh graduates/professionals
Visa sponsorshipAvailable
Eligible CountriesNon-European countries.

Ireland Visa Sponsorship Job Benefits

Ireland Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 offer several benefits for fresh graduates and professionals from non-European countries. Some of these benefits include:

Overall, Visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland offer a great chance for international candidates to kick-start their careers and gain valuable experience in a vibrant and dynamic country.

List of Ireland Visa Sponsors

Looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland? Here are some of the top companies that provide visa sponsorship to international candidates:

  1. Hubspot Ireland – A software company that offers support to many international employees.
  2. Workday – An enterprise cloud application company that helps international candidates.
  3. Abtran – A large platform that provides business services to both private and public sectors.
  4. PQR – A leading healthcare service provider in Ireland.
  5. EFG – A hospitality company based in Ireland.
  6. Microsoft – Last year, Microsoft provided 1790 visa sponsorship jobs to foreigners.
  7. Intel – A cloud computing company.
  8. Amazon – Offering several jobs in Ireland, visit their website for more information.

By applying to these companies, you will have an opportunity to work in Ireland and explore career opportunities. Plus, the employer will handle your visa-related documents, so you don’t have to worry about the visa permit and work permit.

Eligible for Visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland

To be eligible for Visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland, you need to meet the following criteria:

How to apply

To apply for Visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Update your CV – Make sure your CV is updated and tailored to the job you’re interested in.
  2. Research Companies – Look for companies that offer visa sponsorship for international candidates, such as the ones mentioned above.
  3. Search for Jobs – Visit the company’s career page and search for available jobs relevant to your field.
  4. Check Eligibility – Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in the job description.
  5. Prepare Documents – Gather all the necessary documents, including your CV, cover letter, academic transcripts, and other relevant certificates.
  6. Apply – Apply for the job by following the company’s application process, which may include submitting your documents online or through email.
  7. Follow Up – After applying, follow up with the company to check the status of your application and any further steps required.


In conclusion, non-Europeans can work in Ireland for top corporations who sponsor visas. Relevant experience, clean criminal background, English language, and Irish law compliance are eligibility requirements. Candidates must write a strong CV, visit firms, find relevant employment, understand eligibility requirements, gather papers, and apply. Candidates can earn attractive incomes, explore career options, and get an Irish general employment permit.

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