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Masters Scholarships for Women in Business – Many reports examining women in business indicate that international women face limited opportunities in the market and are often unable to work alongside their male counterparts. However, several agencies and organizations have taken the initiative to assist women who are financially constrained and unable to pursue careers in the leading global market. Masters scholarships for women in business are now available to all international women, providing an opportunity to receive an education and excel in the field of business.

Numerous business schools worldwide offer scholarships to support women seeking to succeed in business management and establish a prosperous career. This article aims to highlight the various scholarships available for women, allowing them to pursue their education and select a scholarship that aligns with their objectives. Hence, it is advisable to read the entire post to discover the best opportunities available.

Top 6 Masters Scholarships for Women in Business 2023

Summary of Masters Scholarships for Women in Business

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Available Masters Scholarships for Women in Business

Here are the top Masters scholarships for women in business listed below:

1. Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

For women pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or a related field is the Jane M. Klausman scholarship. This scholarship is funded by the Zonta Foundation and provides around 37 international scholarships of $5,000 each. The application period for this scholarship typically takes place between April and June, so interested candidates should plan accordingly.

To the Jane M. Klausman scholarship, there are numerous other scholarship opportunities available for women in business. For instance, the Association for Women in Science offers scholarships to women pursuing degrees in STEM fields, while the American Association of University Women offers a range of fellowships and grants to support women pursuing advanced degrees in any field. Many universities also offer their own scholarship programs for women in business, so it is worthwhile to explore these options as well. By taking advantage of these resources, women can achieve their educational and professional goals and thrive in the field of business.

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2. FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship

The FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship program offers an exceptional opportunity for women worldwide to pursue their studies in the field of finance. As part of this program, women can enroll in a Master’s program focused on financial asset management, risk management, and financial derivatives. Successful applicants are awarded a scholarship of $20,000, which can be used to fund their educational expenses and support their academic pursuits.

With this scholarship, women can access high-quality education in finance and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this field. By studying financial asset management, risk management, and financial outcomes, they can prepare for rewarding careers in a variety of industries. Furthermore, the scholarship can help reduce the financial strain of pursuing an advanced degree, making it easier for women to focus on their studies and achieve their career goals.

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3. Soroptimist Live your dreams Awards

Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards are intended to give financial aid to women pursuing vocational or undergraduate education. These rewards depend on the need for money and are available to women participating in any skill, vocational, or undergraduate program.

The Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards seek to alleviate the financial strain that women frequently encounter when pursuing higher education by providing financial support. The prizes can be used to pay various kinds of educational expenditures, such as transportation, tuition, and textbook prices.

Soroptimist International aspires to empower women through offering a platform for them to grow and prosper through these awards. The awardees not only get financial help, but also receive the backing and support of a worldwide community of like-minded women devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of women and girls.

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4. Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting

Women who want to further their education in the field of accounting have a fantastic chance through the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting (EFWA) Scholarship. This scholarship program gives women the opportunity to further their studies in the field of accounting and provides them with the financial and emotional support necessary to succeed.

The EFWA Scholarship is a one-year stipend of $1,000 to $5,000 given to deserving female students enrolled in an accredited accounting graduate program. Academic performance, participation in activities outside of school, and financial need will all play a role in the scholarship selection process.

Women who want to study accounting can also apply for additional scholarship programs. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is one organization that financially aids women while they pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting and related professions by providing scholarships and grants. For women interested in accounting and finance, the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants offers a number of scholarships and awards. Women in the accounting field may find these materials helpful in furthering their studies and careers.

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5. American Association of University Women

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) offers a unique opportunity for international women seeking to pursue higher education in the United States. The AAUW Scholarship supports female scholars in their academic pursuits by providing financial assistance of $20,000.

To be eligible for this scholarship, international women must hold a degree equivalent to an American bachelor’s degree. The AAUW Scholarship program is designed to provide support to women who are committed to advancing their education and achieving their professional goals.

The scholarship not only provides financial assistance but also offers various resources and opportunities for professional development. Scholarship recipients can benefit from networking opportunities with fellow female scholars, access to AAUW’s vast community of scholars and alumni, and guidance from experienced mentors in their field of study.

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6. The 30% Club Scholarship

The 30% Club Scholarships is a pioneering initiative that aims to champion women’s education worldwide. The program collaborates with several leading business schools to promote and fund women’s educational journeys by providing 50% tuition fee coverage.

If you’re a woman looking to pursue a career in business or related fields, this scholarship can provide significant financial assistance to help you achieve your goals. The 30% Club Scholarships can be a vital stepping stone to a brighter future and pave the way for greater opportunities in the business world.

Several prestigious institutions partner with the program, including King’s College London Business School, Henley Business School, University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, HEC Paris, University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and UCL School of Management.

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Top Business schools offering scholarships for women in finance

The list below highlights some of the leading business schools that provide scholarships for women pursuing studies in finance. These include:

These schools recognize the importance of empowering women in finance by providing financial support to aid their education. The scholarships offered vary in their amount and requirements, but all aim to encourage women to pursue their dreams and achieve success in the field of finance.

Final Note

Our focus is on empowering women in business by providing them with relevant information that can enhance their educational pursuits in the fields of business and management. We urge you to read through the entire post to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic and not miss out on any crucial details. For further clarity on eligibility criteria, we encourage you to refer to the official website. Our aim is to equip women with the necessary knowledge to unlock better career prospects and improve their quality of life.