SIRA Security License, Apply With Tourist Visa in Dubai


SIRA security license, is it possible to apply on a tourist visa in Dubai?

I understand your concern.

It would be depressing, when you consider the expenses incurred to visit the UAE, to realize you can’t do the course on a tourist visa.

The purpose of this blog post is to raise some important questions about the SIRA security license; people ask for clarification on how and where they can obtain the security license.

You should read my previous post, in which I discuss DPS security. This will give you a better understanding of the Department of Protective Systems – DPS.

It is always advisable to research job prospects in the United Arab Emirates before you plan your trip. You will find the situation here difficult when you fail to have a better plan.

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Difficult situations put some job seekers in depression and frustrations when they find themselves in hard times.

I believe you don’t want to fall in that circumstance.

So let’s dive in.

SIRA Security License, Apply With Tourist Visa in Dubai

What Is SIRA Security?

The meaning of SIRA is the Security Industry Regulatory Agency; this government agency has the authority to regulate the security industry in Dubai.

In other words, they are in control of licensing and monitoring all providers of security service in Dubai – the power to set general policies for Dubai’s security industry. 

They set up a training center called “Security Cadre Training Centre” (SCTC). In this center, they carry out all the training and examinations. 

By the standard and policies of SIRA, security companies make sure all their guards have the license before they are assigned to various work locations.

Any security guards working without SIRA license, when caught they fine the company s/he works for.

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Can I Apply For SIRA Security With A UAE Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa to the UAE is another option for visiting the country for a variety of reasons, such as a conference, vacation, or business meetings.

Some also use UAE visit visas to look for job opportunities, but it’s tough when you consider the UAE job market.

You need to have good knowledge of the country to look for and secure a job.

If you have a reliable agency to work with, it’s better to apply for a UAE direct employment offer if your purpose is to work in the UAE.

You can apply for SIRA in Dubai when you come to the United Arab Emirates.

There are two approaches to applying for SIRA in Dubai: when you are hired by a security company. They will send you to the “Security Cadre Training Center” (SCTC) to obtain the license.

The second approach is when you go to the SCTC yourself and subscribe to the training course, and upon completion, you would receive the license.

It is possible; you can apply with a UAE tourist visa.

Fitness test for guards at the Security Cadre Training Center (SCTC)

What Is The Age Limit For Sira Security?

Age is just a number, as they say, but not in every profession.

The security industry in the United Arab Emirates requires you to be physically fit, and the acceptable age range is between 21 and 55. It is a reasonable age bracket, if I may say so.

If you are within the age bracket and fit, you can apply for SIRA on a tourist visa in Dubai.

Does SIRA Offer Jobs After Training?

Like I have mentioned, the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) is a regulatory government agency that oversees the operations of security service providers in Dubai.

The institute issues you a license either directly when you apply yourself or through the security company that hires you.

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SIRA does not provide jobs in any way for you when you finish the training program however, you can use the license to look for jobs in the security industry.

How Much Does SIRA Security Cost?

They have different training courses, which means the fees are not the same. I will list a few and cover the ones most commonly asked for.

1SIRA Security1700 Dirhams
2First Aid 210 Dirhams
3CCTV Operator3000 Dirhams
4Fire Safety546 Dirhams
Please keep in mind that the price includes 5% VAT.

At the time of this post, these are the current prices.

How Many Days for SIRA Dubai Training?

The training at the SIRA Cadre Academy will take a week to complete. It is 60 percent theory and 40 percent practice.

Guards in the classroom at the Security Cadre Training Centre (SCTC)

SIRA Address Location:
Beirut Street، Al-Qusais 2,
Behind Al-Qusais
Police Station – Dubai
Phone: +971 4 288 7442

SIRA Dubai Requires Qualifications and Experience

The good thing about some SIRA courses and other vocational courses in the UAE is that you can apply for most of them on tourist visas and then use them as an added certificate to search for a job.

In the case of security, you do not require any qualifications to take some entry-level courses. But to get some higher licenses, you need experience.

To obtain the license, you must have security experience in positions such as CCTV Operator, Security Supervisor, and Security Manager. However, you can start with an entry-level license like the SIRA security guard license.


With regard to job opportunities, the UAE is a good place to start. You have to plan to make your search successful.

I speak of planning because it involves funds; you need to have money.

Every day, different nationals from all parts of the world visit the UAE for career opportunities; you should not be left behind.

It won’t be rosy, but with a good plan and determination, you will succeed.

Best wishes!

Did I miss anything you want me to cover?



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