Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well in the U.S 2023

Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well in the U.S 2023 – An individual’s idea of what constitutes a low-stress work will differ from person to person. There are certain people in the workforce who are stuck in their occupations and have no way of leaving. Nonetheless, many sectors have openings for those seeking a low-stress career path that pays well and guarantees employment.

CareerCast used 11 stress indicators to determine job rankings in their yearly report. Long periods away from home, social engagement, strenuous physical activity, and potential danger to health all figured into the mix. Certain occupations are more prone to cause stress because of the inherent dangers and difficult conditions of the job.

Some low-stress occupations pay well which do not require employees to deal with any danger, hurry, or severe rivalry from coworkers. Having a low stress baseline might make it simpler to deal with the inevitable day-to-day stresses that are unavoidable in every workplace, including those caused by variables like working circumstances and relationships with coworkers.

The following positions, compiled by CareerCast from their 2019 employment report, have been ranked as low-stress or extremely low-stress. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) pay projections for 2021 are included.

Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well in the U.S 2023

1. Healthcare Information Technician

The average yearly income is $46.660.

Qualifications: Diploma or associate’s degree from an accredited college or university Certain fields may require further credentials before employment can be sought.
Especially during pandemics, the healthcare industry has a reputation for having stressful occupations with long hours and difficult working conditions. Professionals who work with medical records are the exception, though. The proper management and organization of patient data are important to their work. Job growth of 7% in this field is considered typical and is expected to occur between the years of 2016 and 2031.

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2. Dietitian

The average yearly income is $61,650.

Qualifications: Undergraduate Degree

A dietitian’s job is to help people of all ages make better food choices and improve their health. They may help with issues like meal preparation, weight control, and more by keeping the whole picture in mind and concentrating on a healthy, well-rounded diet. In line with the average rate of increase across all occupations, the demand for dietitians is expected to rise by roughly 7% by 2031.

3. Statistical Analyst

The average yearly income is $131,490.

Qualifications: Minimum of a Master’s Degree

Employers in the IT industry can greatly benefit from the work of data scientists who evaluate and display data. They must have a solid foundation in computer science and mathematics to succeed in this field. The BLS projects a 21% increase in employment in this sector by 2031, making it an attractive option for job seekers. Having a master’s degree is often necessary to earn the median yearly salary of $131,490.

4. Licensed Massage Therapist

The average yearly income is $46,910.

Qualifications: Professional certification and state license are required.

Massage treatment is an option for those looking for a relaxed and serene work atmosphere. Massage therapists are trained to relieve tension in fatigued or overworked muscles while also generating a calming environment. The demand for their services is expected to rise by roughly 20% by 2031, well above the national average. Furthermore, because the health and wellness industry is always growing, it is an appealing alternative.

5. Appliances Repairer

The average yearly income is $43,180.

Qualifications: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required.

If you have good mechanical abilities and want a job that is always in demand, a career in appliance repair might be ideal for you. This work is rated as very low stress by CareerCast, and general maintenance and repair occupations pay more than $40,000. Additional certifications may be required, depending on the industry. Experienced repair professionals might earn more than $70,000 per year.

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6. Librarian

The average yearly income is $61,190.

Qualifications: Master’s Degree

Transitioning to a career as a librarian may be gratifying, and there are job options available outside of public libraries. Typically, schools, colleges, legal firms, and museums employ librarians or research librarians to carry out a variety of tasks. According to the BLS, the median compensation for this occupation is $60,820. A master’s degree, on the other hand, may be required to land a great career in this field.

7. Sonographer, Diagnostic

The average yearly income is $75,380.
Qualifications: Associate’s Degree

Sonographers use specialized imaging equipment to perform medical tests and create photographs. Medical and diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and medical offices are common places for them to work. This low-stress career requires only an associate’s degree and pays a median salary of $70,380.

8. University Professor

The average yearly income is $79,640.
Qualifications: Ph.D. or other doctorate degree

Despite possible disagreement among academics, CareerCast considers tenured university professors to have low-stress employment. The BLS classifies this occupation as postsecondary teaching and estimates 12% job growth. While most professors have a Ph.D., teaching positions at community colleges and specific areas of specialization may just require a master’s degree.

9. Hair Stylist 

The average yearly income is $29,680.
Qualifications: A cosmetology license is the highest degree of education.

Hairstylists who have contact with the public may be perceived as having a stressful profession. However, CareerCast classifies this occupation as low-stress. A degree is not required for hair stylists to operate independently or in salons. A license from a state-approved cosmetology program and passing a test are nevertheless required. Despite a low median annual wage, employment growth in this profession is substantially quicker than the national average, at 11%.

10. Compliance Officer

The average yearly income is between $60,000 and $120,000.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or higher and certification in a relevant field.

A company’s compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and internal rules and bylaws is largely dependent on the efforts of the compliance officer. They may be responsible for ensuring environmental regulations are met in the oil industry or conducting financial audits at trading businesses. Compliance officers’ salaries are not standard across all sectors.

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11. Audiologist

The average yearly income is $78,950.

Qualifications: A Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree and state licensure are prerequisites for the field.

Audiologists are medical doctors who focus on the human ear and hearing. They examine patients’ ears, determine the extent of the damage, and then provide appropriate therapies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10% rise in the need for audiologists by 2031, which is much faster than the average growth rate of any given industry.

12. Jeweler

The average yearly income is $46,640.
Qualifications: a high school diploma

Jewelers are highly trained professionals that craft items out of valuable materials like gems and metals like gold, silver, and platinum. They may also work with fragile equipment like timepieces. Although there are few obstacles to entry in the jewelry industry, job growth projections through 2031 are significantly lower than average.

13. Analyst in Operations Research

The average yearly income is $82,360.
Qualifications: Undergraduate degree

Using data and statistical methods, operations research analysts find solutions to issues and recommend changes that boost productivity. The ideal candidate would have excellent analytical skills and experience with relevant technological tools and systems. Operations research analysts may look forward to an extraordinarily bright employment market, with projections showing a 23% increase in available positions by 2031.

14. Pharmacist’s Assistant

The average yearly income is $36,740.
Qualifications: a high school diploma

Technicians at pharmacies help physicians and nurses with routine tasks like distributing medicines. While their pay is lower than that of full pharmacists, the bar to admission is also lower. However, you must be aware of the licensing requirements in your state. Employment for pharmacy technicians is expected to expand by 5% by 2031, which is around average.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, many low-stress jobs offer good pay, employment stability, and low stress. Data scientists, dietitians, and massage therapists all have meaningful occupations that don’t harm mental health. Explore possibilities that match your interests, abilities, and education. These low-stress jobs can improve work-life balance and professional satisfaction.