Canada Invite 2,615 Applicants: Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 2023-24

Canada Invite 2,615 Applicants: Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Looking to make a fresh start in Canada? The opportunity just knocked for over 2,600 hopefuls through the Employer Job Offer Streams in Ontario. This pathway, part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), is paving the way for skilled individuals to secure their spot in the Great White North.

In recent draws, a total of 2,615 invitations were issued through Ontario’s Employer Job Offer Streams. These draws mark a significant opportunity for individuals aspiring to immigrate to Canada, particularly those interested in settling in Ontario. The draws have attracted the attention of potential immigrants who have been considering making Ontario their new home. If you’re one of these individuals, these invitations could be the breakthrough you’ve been anticipating.

Diving right in, the International Student Stream kicked things off with 853 invitations handed out on August 15. Skilled trades, health, and tech workers with minimum scores of 61 seized this chance. But that’s not all—the Foreign Worker Stream also had its moment, sending out 1,506 invitations in two draws the same day.

The In-Demand Skills Stream followed suit, extending 256 invitations to applicants with scores of 23 or more. It’s all about offering a path to those who bring in-demand skills to Ontario’s job market.

With the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Expression of Interest ranking system at play, your journey to Ontario might be closer than you think. So, whether you’re a healthcare pro, a tech whiz, or a skilled tradesperson, these streams are opening doors for you.

The numbers don’t lie—2,615 invitations can’t be wrong. Is this your time to shine in Canada?

What is OINP?

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is a vital gateway for those aiming to immigrate to Ontario, Canada. This program holds immense significance in facilitating the immigration process, offering pathways for individuals seeking to call Ontario their new home.

Through the OINP, prospective immigrants gain the opportunity to secure their spot in Canada’s most populous province. It serves as a way for individuals to meet the province’s specific labor market needs and contribute to its diverse workforce.

This program operates through various streams, each catering to specific categories of skilled workers. The Employer Job Offer Streams, as the name suggests, revolve around job offers extended by employers in Ontario. These streams are designed to bring skilled individuals into sectors where their expertise is in demand, spanning fields from healthcare and technology to skilled trades.

The OINP essentially acts as an endorsement for immigrants, providing them with a provincial nomination that speeds up the overall immigration process. By being nominated through the OINP, individuals enhance their chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency from the federal government.

Breakdown of the Invitations

Breaking it down, Ontario’s Employer Job Offer Streams have set the stage by inviting a total of 2,615 applicants. In recent draws, these invitations were extended to individuals aiming to make Ontario, Canada their new home.

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The draws are split across three distinct streams: International Student, Foreign Worker, and In-Demand Skills. Let’s delve into the numbers:

First up, the International Student Stream, which saw 853 invitations sent out on August 15th. These invitations were directed towards skilled trades, health, and tech workers. The eligibility threshold was set at a minimum score of 61.

The Foreign Worker Stream took the spotlight on the same day, issuing 1,506 invitations through two draws. These draws catered to skilled trades, health, and tech workers as well. The prerequisites? A permanent, full-time job offer under specific NOC categories, relevant work experience, and the intent to settle in Ontario.

Skilled Trades Occupations List:

  • NOC 22212 – Drafting technologists and technicians
  • NOC 22221 – User support technicians
  • NOC 22222 – Information systems testing technicians
  • NOC 22301 – Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians
  • NOC 22302 – Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians
  • NOC 22311 – Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)
  • NOC 22312 – Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics
  • NOC 72010 – Contractors and supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades and related occupations
  • NOC 72011 – Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades and telecommunications occupations
  • NOC 72012 – Contractors and supervisors, pipefitting trades
  • NOC 72013 – Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades
  • NOC 72014 – Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers
  • NOC 72020 – Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades
  • NOC 72021 – Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews
  • NOC 72022 – Supervisors, printing and related occupations
  • NOC 72024 – Supervisors, motor transport and other ground transit operators
  • NOC 72101 – Tool and die makers
  • NOC 72102 – Sheet metal workers
  • NOC 72103 – Boilermakers
  • NOC 72104 – Structural metal and platework fabricators and fitters
  • NOC 72105 – Ironworkers
  • NOC 72106 – Welders and related machine operators
  • NOC 72200 – Electricians (except industrial and power system)
  • NOC 72201 – Industrial electricians
  • NOC 72203 – Electrical power line and cable workers
  • NOC 72204 – Telecommunications line and cable installers and repairers
  • NOC 72300 – Plumbers
  • NOC 72301 – Steamfitters, pipefitters and sprinkler system installers
  • NOC 72310 – Carpenters
  • NOC 72320 – Bricklayers
  • NOC 72321 – Insulators
  • NOC 72400 – Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
  • NOC 72401 – Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
  • NOC 72402 – Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics
  • NOC 72403 – Railway carmen/women
  • NOC 72404 – Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
  • NOC 72406 – Elevator constructors and mechanics
  • NOC 72410 – Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers
  • NOC 72422 – Electrical mechanics
  • NOC 72423 – Motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle and other related mechanics
  • NOC 72500 – Crane operators
  • NOC 73100 – Concrete finishers
  • NOC 73101 – Tilesetters
  • NOC 73102 – Plasterers, drywall installers and finishers and lathers
  • NOC 73110 – Roofers and shinglers
  • NOC 73111 – Glaziers
  • NOC 73112 – Painters and decorators (except interior decorators)
  • NOC 73200 – Residential and commercial installers and servicers
  • NOC 73201 – General building maintenance workers and building superintendents
  • NOC 73202 – Pest controllers and fumigators
  • NOC 73209 – Other repairers and servicers
  • NOC 73400 – Heavy equipment operators
  • NOC 82031 – Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticulture services
  • NOC 92100 – Power engineers and power systems operators
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Health occupations List

  • NOC 30010 – Managers in health care
  • NOC 31100 – Specialists in clinical and laboratory medicine
  • NOC 31101 – Specialists in surgery
  • NOC 31102 – General practitioners and family physicians
  • NOC 31103 – Veterinarians
  • NOC 31110 – Dentists
  • NOC 31111 – Optometrists
  • NOC 31112 – Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
  • NOC 31120 – Pharmacists
  • NOC 31121 – Dietitians and nutritionists
  • NOC 31201 – Chiropractors
  • NOC 31202 – Physiotherapists
  • NOC 31203 – Occupational therapists
  • NOC 31204 – Kinesiologists and other professional occupations in therapy and assessment
  • NOC 31209 – Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating
  • NOC 31300 – Nursing coordinators and supervisors
  • NOC 31301 – Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • NOC 31302 – Nurse practitioners
  • NOC 31303 – Physician assistants, midwives and allied health professionals
  • NOC 32100 – Opticians
  • NOC 32101 – Licensed practical nurses
  • NOC 32102 – Paramedical occupations
  • NOC 32103 – Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists
  • NOC 32104 – Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians
  • NOC 32109 – Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment
  • NOC 32110 – Denturists
  • NOC 32111 – Dental hygienists and dental therapists
  • NOC 32112 – Dental technologists and technicians
  • NOC 32120 – Medical laboratory technologists
  • NOC 32121 – Medical radiation technologists
  • NOC 32122 – Medical sonographers
  • NOC 32123 – Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists
  • NOC 32124 – Pharmacy technicians
  • NOC 32129 – Other medical technologists and technicians
  • NOC 32200 – Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists
  • NOC 32201 – Massage therapists
  • NOC 32209 – Other practitioners of natural healing
  • NOC 33100 – Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants
  • NOC 33101 – Medical laboratory assistants and related technical occupations
  • NOC 33102 – Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
  • NOC 33103 – Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants
  • NOC 33109 – Other assisting occupations in support of health services

Tech occupations List

  • NOC 20012 – Computer and information systems managers
  • NOC 21211 – Data Scientists
  • NOC 21223 – Database analysts and data administrators
  • NOC 21230 – Computer systems developers and programmers
  • NOC 21231 – Software engineers and designers
  • NOC 21232 – Software developers and programmers
  • NOC 21233 – Web designers
  • NOC 21234 – Web developers and programmers
  • NOC 21311 – Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
  • NOC 22221 – User support technicians
  • NOC 22222 – Information systems testing technicians

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Requirements

To apply for Canada immigration through the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Possess a permanent, full-time job offer in specific agriculture or construction sector occupations. The job offer should align with Ontario’s median wage for the occupation and must be for a role deemed essential to the business.
  2. If already employed in the position, ensure that the proposed wage matches or surpasses the current wage being received.
  3. Have a track record of nine months of cumulative work experience within the last three years in one of the eligible occupations. This experience should be in paid, full-time work, or equivalent part-time work in Ontario. Seasonal work won’t be counted.
  4. Hold educational qualifications equivalent to a Canadian high school education or higher.
  5. Possess a valid certificate or license at the time of application for any relevant work experience that mandates such credentials.
  6. Demonstrate a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) level 4 proficiency in English or French across all language competencies.
  7. Reside abroad, or be engaged in legal work, study, or visit activities in Canada with a valid permit.
  8. Exhibit a genuine intention to settle down in the province of Ontario, showcasing a commitment to becoming an integral part of the community.
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How to Apply

Applying through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) streams involves a step-by-step process tailored to each specific stream. Here’s a general overview of how to apply:

  1. Check Eligibility: Review the eligibility requirements for the particular stream you’re interested in. Ensure you meet the criteria related to job offers, work experience, education, language proficiency, and other specific requirements.
  2. Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) Profile: If your profile matches the stream’s criteria, create an EOI profile online through the OINP portal. Provide accurate information about your education, work experience, language proficiency, and other details.
  3. Receive Notification: If your EOI profile is selected, you’ll receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the OINP. This NOI indicates that you’re invited to apply for provincial nomination.
  4. Submit Application: Prepare and submit a full application based on the requirements of the stream. This includes completing forms, providing supporting documents, and paying the required fees. Make sure all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  5. Application Review: The OINP will review your application and supporting documents to ensure they meet the stream’s criteria. If additional information is needed, they may contact you.
  6. Nomination: If your application is approved, you’ll receive a provincial nomination certificate from the OINP. This nomination is a crucial step toward Canadian permanent residency.
  7. Apply for Permanent Residency: With the nomination certificate, you can apply for permanent residency through the federal government’s immigration authorities, such as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  8. Medical and Security Checks: You and your family members (if applicable) will need to undergo medical examinations and security checks as part of the permanent residency application process.
  9. Final Approval: If you pass the medical and security checks, IRCC will process your application further. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a permanent resident visa.
  10. Arrival in Canada: Upon receiving the COPR and visa, you can make arrangements to move to Canada as a permanent resident. Once in Canada, you’ll need to show your COPR and other relevant documents to the border authorities.

Remember, each OINP stream may have variations in the application process, and it’s essential to follow the instructions provided by the OINP for the specific stream you’re applying to.

Final note

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) offers multiple pathways for skilled individuals to make Ontario their new home. For those eyeing a future in Ontario, the International Student Stream welcomes those with specific education backgrounds and job offers. The Foreign Worker Stream targets skilled workers with job offers in various sectors, while the In-Demand Skills Stream addresses the needs of agriculture and construction industries.

Whether you’re a tradesperson, a healthcare professional, or a tech expert, these streams present tailored opportunities. Each stream has its unique eligibility criteria, emphasizing factors like job offers, work experience, education, language proficiency, and an intention to settle in Ontario.

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