Dubai Visa Application in Nigeria May Be Rejected; Here is Why?

Are you wondering why your Dubai visa application in Nigeria can be rejected when you apply? A visa rejection could be devastating for you if all your expectations and dreams were involved in this decision.

The travel plans are ruined, and the hope of meeting distant friends and relatives has been destroyed.

A minor error can complicate the visa approval process and deny your Dubai visa application.

Lots of people go to Dubai every year. Whether it is a tourist, a business, or settling in the country as an expatriate, the number of visa applications that the UAE authorities receive each year is phenomenal.

At Small Business Travels, we only recommend that you consider a few things in case your Dubai visa is rejected because you know that you cannot control certain situations; Why don’t you think now instead of planning action to deal with such situations later?

Also, it is always advisable to know the basic rules and regulations of the visa before applying for the visa.

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Incomplete Request

As visa processing takes between 3 and 4 working days, admission to the UAE is subject to immigration approval.

Incomplete or false information in the application, minus the validity of the passport, etc., may increase the risk of rejection of the Dubai visa.

Blurry Photos or Incorrect Copy of Passport

This is one of the most common reasons for rejecting your visa to Dubai.

If you submit your visa application online and have sent a scanned copy of your passport, the application process may be rejected.

Make sure the scanned copy of the passport is readable and clear, with no faint lines.

Handwritten Passports

Handwritten passports are no longer accepted, not only in the United Arab Emirates but in any other country in the world.

Applicants with the same name and same date of birth may be delayed in visa processing or even rejected with numerous revisions.

Old Passport

If the applicant has presented his passport, which is valid for less than six months, his application may be delayed or rejected.

Or if the applicant has previously applied for a tourist visa to Dubai, but has been unable to travel for any reason, their current visa application will be rejected until their previous active visa is canceled.

Always remember to cancel your previous visa before applying for a new one.

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Criminal Offense, Fraud or Misconduct

The UAE has strict rules and regulations. Anyone who breaks the law and commits a fault will be punished in one way or another.

People have one of the previous cases of misconduct, fraud, or criminal offense. They will encounter difficulties in obtaining the visa application.

Previous Visa Application without Entering the Country

If you have already applied for a visa to Dubai but have not traveled, some people have a potential employer who has applied for a work visa for them.

Still, they have also not entered the country during the period of validity of the visa. In this case, your previous visa must first be approved in immigration by a professional or an agency before you can apply for another one.

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Over-Stay On Your Last Visa

Often people visit the United Arab Emirates for pleasure or to meet their loved ones, but stay after the expiration of their visa; this becomes the case with fines and consequences.

If you have completed your previous visa, your visa may be refused in Dubai or even delayed. If the traveler cannot pay the excessive stay rate, there may be such thing as:

Your name is blacklisted.
You will be prohibited from traveling in the country (you will be banned from immigration).
You can also go to jail for up to 3 months or perhaps issue an eviction order.

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Similar Identity

Suppose that if more than two people have the same name, the same date of birth, etc., they will sooner be delayed in obtaining an approved visa.

In certain circumstances, it can also be rejected because there is nothing to do in this case.

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Application Errors

If the documentation you submit for the visa contains typos or errors in one or more numbers, name, spelling, codes, and other important details, such as date of birth, passport issuance and expiration date, you may face rejection.

The Unskilled Profession in the Passport

The Dubai visa can be rejected if the said profession is “unskilled” according to your criteria.

The UAE authorities are known to deny a visa to farmers, workers, and others.


The final decision on approving and rejecting your Dubai visa is up to Dubai immigration.

If you are unsure of the visa application process, it is best to trust a travel agency to do what is necessary.

Therefore, each visa applicant must know these visa rejection points to obtain approval of the Dubai visa.

To avoid visa refusal, applicants must properly understand the Dubai visa process.